Fish, Lu Cozma

London, UK

O2 Academy (Islington)

  1. Perfume river
  2. Feast of consequences
  3. Script for a jesters tear
  4. Blind to the beautiful
  5. Goldfish & clowns
  6. What colour is god?
  7. All loved up
  8. He knows you know
  9. Family business
  10. Crucifix corner
  11. The gathering
  12. Thistle alley
  13. Medley: Assassing / Credo / Tongues / Assassing / Fugazi / White feather
  14. Freaks
  15. Lucky


*Fish was in a great mood and he should be – the new material was the strongest of the night and will probably match the last album, dare I say even surpass it? he knows you know and Script were nice to finally hear too, the only thing that didn’t quite settle with me was the medley. It was the same medley as in 1997 and it was fine then, maybe he should have shuffled it up a bit. As for the opener, apparently the guitarist (Steve Askew) once played in Kajagoogoo. Good or bad?







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