Neal Morse & The Flower Kings

Malmö, SWE


The Flower Kings:

  1. Numbers
  2. Cosmic lover
  3. The truth will set you free
  4. Rising the imperial
  5. Last minute on earth
  6. In the eyes of the world


Neal Morse:

  1. Momentum
  2. Author of confusion
  3. The temple of the living god
  4. Another world
  5. Sweet elation (second half)
  6. 12 (second half)
  7. Entrance
  8. Inside his presence
  9. World without end


Transatlantic encore:

  1. All of the above (part I and the beginning of part II)
  2. The whirlwind: The overture / A man can feel / Lay down your life
  3. Stranger in your soul (part VI)


*What an evening! The Flower Kings were ok, I´m not much of a fan but the opening song (clocked in at 28 minutes) was nice. Neal was nothing short of mesmerizing, Mike Portnoy on the drums added to the joy and overall the band was so good I´d like to pronounce them the best band ever to have hit the stage at KB. Too bad about KB´s ongoing curfew-crap though, but I´ll leave it. I got to hear World without end live which will stand as one of the defining moments in my concertgoing career. ´Nuff said.


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