Snowy Shaw

Varberg, SWE


Set 1

  1. Intro: Dracula sucks! (Notre Dame)
  2. Munsters! (Notre Dame)
  3. The book of heavy metal (Dream Evil)
  4. Typhon (Therion)
  5. Snowy Shaw & Petter Karlsson – drum duel
  6. Black funeral (Mercyful Fate, feat. Michael Denner)
  7. Halloween (King Diamond, feat. Michael Denner & Andy laRocque)
  8. Progenies of the great apocalypse (Dimmu Borgir)
  9. Medley: A jewel traced through coal / Gateways / Ritualist / Jewel cont. / Chess from the abyss (Dimmu Borgir)
  10. Dusk / Le theatre du vampire (Notre Dame)
  11. Fire! (Crazy World Of Arthur Brown)
  12. Blood countess Bathory (Opera Diabolicus, feat. David Grimoire & Adrian De Crow)


Set 2

  1. The serpentine offering (Dimmu Borgir)
  2. Blacksmith & co. (Notre Dame)
  3. Man or mouse (Notre Dame)
  4. Whether with or without (Illwill)
  5. 365 reasons to commit suicide (Illwill)
  6. Into the moonlight (Dream Evil, feat. Petter Karlsson on vocals)
  7. Mark U Black – guitar solo
  8. Welcome home (King Diamond, feat. Pete Blakk)
  9. Eye of the witch (King Diamond, feat. Pete Blakk & Andy laRocque)
  10. Unguentum Sabbati (Therion)
  11. Come to the sabbath (intro) / Sabbat (Mercyful Fate / Notre Dame)
  12. Heathendoom (Memento Mori)
  13. Evil (Mercyful Fate, feat. all guests)


* Fucking brilliant show, again. Great setlist, great stage with pyro and ambience, better players this time around incl. Mark U Black – guitar, Petter Karlsson – drums and Viktoria Larsson – bass.



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