W.A.S.P., Engel, Badmouth

Varberg, SWE



  1. Intro / On your knees (partial)
  2. The torture never stops (partial)
  3. The real me
  4. L.O.V.E. machine
  5. Wild child
  6. Sleeping (in the fire) (first half)
  7. Forever free (second half)
  8. The headless children
  9.  I wanna be somebody
  10. Titanic overture
  11. The crimson idol medley (incl. The invisible boy, Arena of pleasure, I am one, The gypsy meets the boy)
  12. The idol
  13. The great misconceptions of me / drum solo
  14. Heaven’s hung in black
  15. Blind in Texas


* I had high hopes about this which were unfortunately squashed. The advertisements for the tour reads “2-hour show”, “elements from old WASPshows”, “videoscreens”, “rarely played songs”. We got 90 minutes exactly, no old stageprops or other vintage elements, two short parts of rarely played songs and 3 videoscreens. Lots of prerecorded backingvocals too, as always. Sad. This was my farewell to the band since I will not see them live again. I had hoped that the advertisements were real, but in true Blackie Lawless-form they were all just hype. Sad.



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