Madonna, DJ Martin Solveig

Köpenhamn, DK


  1. The prayer overture: Act of contrition
  2. Girl gone wild
  3. Revolver
  4. Gang bang
  5. Papa don’t preach (partial)
  6. Hung up
  7. I don’t give A
  8. Best friend / Heartbeat (interlude)
  9. Express yourself
  10. Give me all your luvin’
  11. Turn up the radio
  12. Open your heart (feat. Kalakan)
  13. Sagarra jo! (feat. Kalakan)
  14. Masterpiece (feat. Kalakan)
  15. Justify my love (video interlude)
  16. Vogue
  17. Candy shop
  18. Human nature
  19. Like a virgin
  20. Nobody knows me (interlude)
  21. I’m addicted
  22. I’m a sinner (feat. Kalakan)
  23. Like a prayer
  24. Celebration

* Yep, she did it again. An excellent gig. The show started much too late for my taste, and the crapshit opener DJ Solveig was bleeding awful for a full hour. Still, Madonna can’t go wrong. A fantastic show, a very nice setlist with only a couple of downs and EXCELLENT versions of Express yourself, Like a prayer and the lovely Masterpiece.

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