The Allman Brothers Band

New York, NY

Beacon Theatre

Set 1:

  1. My favourite things (jam)
  2. Blue sky
  3. Trouble no more
  4. Walk on gilded splinters
  5. Worried down with the blues
  6. Midnight rider
  7. That’s what love will make you do
  8. Kind of bird


Set 2:

  1. The needle and the damage done (acoustic)
  2. Come in my kitchen (acoustic)
  3. Soulshine (acoustic)
  4. These days (acoustic)
  5. Rocking horse
  6. Black-hearted woman
  7. Same thing
  8. Drums
  9. Jessica
  10. You don’t love me

*This was my 500th concert! Great gig, a pretty unusual setlist, at least for me. I enjoyed it and when the encore turned out to be my fav song I almost exploded. This gig was only ok compared to the second KILLER-gig though.

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