Copenhagen, DK

Amager Bio

  1. Intro / Yours is no disgrace
  2. Tempus fugit
  3. I’ve seen all good people
  4. Life on a film set
  5. And you and I
  6. Solitaire (Steve Howe)
  7. Intersection blues (Steve Howe)
  8. Fly from here – Overture
  9. Fly from here – pt I – We can fly
  10. Fly from here – pt II – Sad night at the airfield
  11. Fly from here – pt III – Madman at the screens
  12. Fly from here – pt IV – Bumpy ride
  13. Fly from here – pt V – We can fly (reprise)
  14. Wonderous stories
  15. Into the storm
  16. Heart of the sunrise
  17. Starship trooper
  18. Roundabout


* So sad, this is one of the worst gigs I’ve seen. I really loved Benoit David’s vocals on the new album, but live he didn’t cut it. They cancelled some shows soon after this, presumably since he was ill. They should have cancelled this one too. Sad day.


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