Alice Cooper, New York Dolls

London, UK

Alexandra Palace

New York Dolls:

  1. Lookin’ for a kiss
  2. We’re all in love
  3. Dance like a monkey
  4. Cause I sez so
  5. Private world
  6. Fool for you baby
  7. Who are the mystery girls?
  8. Talk to me baby
  9. Kids like you
  10. Pills
  11. Trash
  12. Jetboy
  13. Personality crisis


Alice Cooper:

  1. The black widow
  2. Brutal planet
  3. I’m eighteen
  4. Under my wheels
  5. Billion $ babies
  6. No more mr. nice guy
  7. Hey stoopid
  8. Is it my body
  9. Halo of flies
  10. I’ll bite your face off
  11. Muscle of love
  12. Only women bleed
  13. Cold Ethyl
  14. Feed my Frankenstein
  15. Clones (we’re all)
  16. Poison
  17. Wicked young man
  18. Killer / I love the dead (guilloutine section)
  19. School’s out (incl. Another brick in the wall)
  20. Elected
  21. Fire (feat. Arthur Brown)


*Awesome gig, I was by the barrier on the left and enjoyed every second of Alice’s gig. New York Dolls were ok, they seemed a bit tired but I liked a couple of their songs. It was crazy to get to see Arthur Brown join Alice onstage and have Alice singing background, very cool indeed! Let’s hope this gig turns up as an official DVD, it’s the best tour I have seen Alice do since 2001. Also, I had a VIP-ticket so I got to meet Alice afterwards. 17 years since our last meeting I thought it was about time… A splendid time was had by all.


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