Warren Haynes

Köpenhamn, DK

Amager Bio

Set 1:

  1. Intro / Tear me down
  2. River’s gonna rise
  3. Sick of my shadow
  4. A friend to you
  5. Power and the glory
  6. Invisible
  7. When doves cry
  8. Beautifully broken
  9. 32-20 blues


Set 2:

  1. Glory road (acoustic)
  2. Working class hero (acoustic)
  3. Patchwork quilt (acoustic + bass)
  4. Roadrunner
  5. On a real lonely night
  6. From a whisper to a scream
  7. What is hip?
  8. Fire in the kitchen
  9. Man in motion
  10. Soulshine (w/ keyboard intro)


*Astonishing gig even though the crowd was very small. Alecia Chakour was fantastic, I loved her voice and love her still. Too bad more people didn’t attend but it’s their loss. Warren is truly a musical genius and he surounds himself with likeminded people. Concerts like this are the reason I love music more than life itself.

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