Iron Maiden (Graveyard, Sabaton)

Göteborg, SWE


  1. Satellite 15…
  2. The final frontier
  3. El dorado
  4. 2 minutes to midnight
  5. The talisman
  6. Coming home
  7. Dance of death
  8. The trooper
  9. The wickerman
  10. Blood brothers
  11. When the wild wind blows
  12. The evil that men do
  13. Fear of the dark
  14. Iron maiden
  15. The number of the beast
  16. Hallowed be thy name
  17. Running free

* I was quite apprehensive about the setlist, but my fears went unfounded. After a shaky start the gig took a turn for the better with Coming home, and then the place EXPLODED with The trooper! The sheer joy from the band combined with an appreciative (or fanatically devoted) audience made this one of the best Maidengigs I’ve seen during the last 10 years. Even better than 2008, when the setlist was way better. Nice! Coming home was the only new song I liked though, all the others sound the same to me with loooong soft intros, then they kick in, then solo, then soft again. And one thing – what the FUCK is up with the Satellite 15-intro? 4 minutes of nothing but total crap. It sucks on the album and it was waaay to long in a livesetting. Apart from that – stunning gig. (About the supports – I would have loved to see Graveyard but I’ll wait until i can see them in an intimate setting. And Sabaton just plain sucks.)


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