Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Amsterdam, NL

Heineken Music Hall

  1. Overture
  2. Midnight
  3. Fate
  4. What good this deafness
  5. Mephistopheles
  6. What is eternal
  7. Mozart and memories
  8. Vienna
  9. Mozart
  10. The dreams of candlelight
  11. Requiem (The fifth)
  12. The dark
  13. Für Elise
  14. After the fall
  15. A last illusion
  16. This is who you are
  17. Beethoven
  18. Misery
  19. Who is this child
  20. A final dream
  21. Toccata – Carpimus noctem
  22. The mountain
  23. Sleep / Help! / The child unseen (Kayla Reeves vocals)
  24. Another way you can die
  25. Carmina burana
  26. Chance

*What a night. What a dream come true. What a beautiful venue and respectful crowd. I am still in awe,a truly fantastic gig if there ever was one. I got the setlist from and the Beethoven-part looks alright but I will say that I am not entirely sure about the encores. All posts on shows Another way to be BETWEEN Carmina Burana and Chance, whereas in Amsterdam it was played BEFORE those two songs. First I doubted my own memory but a video popped up showing this to be right. Therefore I cannot at present say if the rest of the encores are totally right since I didn’t know all their names. Stay tuned for updates.

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