Lostboy! A.K.A. Jim Kerr

Malmö, SWE


  1. Kill or cure
  2. Refugee
  3. Bulletproof heart
  4. Lay lady lay
  5. This fear of gods
  6. Cynical heart
  7. Sense of discovery
  8. Every heaven
  9. Remember Asia
  10. Shadowland
  11. Spaceface
  12. I travel
  13. The wait (parts 1 & 2)
  14. Red letter day
  15. Room
  16. Why does my heart feel so bad (Sarah Brown only)
  17. What goes on


* Great gig by Jim, Simon Hayward and Sarah Brown. This tour saw this threesome perform an “Electroset”, Simon handled all the keyboards and programmed sounds, and Sarah sang backing vocals. Great setlist, great gig and GREAT JIM! The setlist had been changed by hand right before the gig but they didn’t do the last song on the list (The night).

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