Pretty Maids, Artillery

Köpenhamn, DK

Amager Bio


  1. Time has come
  2. The almighty
  3. Show your hate
  4. Out of the sky
  5. The eternal war
  6. Into the universe
  7. Deeds of darkness
  8. When death comes
  9. 10,000 devils
  10. Rise above it all


Pretty Maids:

  1. Intro: Carmina burana
  2. Back to back
  3. Red, hot and heavy
  4. Waitin’ for the time
  5. Cold killer
  6. Battle of pride
  7. Night danger
  8. A place in the night
  9. Queen of dreams
  10. Little darling
  11. Pandemonium
  12. I.N.V.U.
  13. Little drops of heaven
  14. Please don’t leave me
  15. Love games
  16. Future world


*The gig was billed as a 25th anniversary gig for Red, Hot & Heavy and Pretty Maids played the full album from beginning to end. This marked the first time Night Danger was played live, according to Ken. After Little darling there was an intermission, then the band returned and did three new songs and three more classics (of which Love games apparently was NOT on the setlist!). The band were good but the sound was horrible. Some of the songs were a bit underrehearsed, but overall it was a nice gig (albeit short at 82 minutes in total).

Artillery had said they would play their full Fear Of Tomorrow-album, but from what I could gather they left out the titlesong and King, thy name is slayer. They *may* have included these songs without naming them on stage, I don´t know the band all that well, but I really don´t think they did. If someone could set the record straight I´d be happy to update the set.

Lastly, inbetween Artillery and PM a danish comedian sung playback to a mock-metal-song twice, which was filmed for a future tv-show. If anyone wanted to know..


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  1. Dylan

    Pretty Maids seem to have played Night Danger back in 1983 which makes sense as they demoed it before the Red Hot and Heavy sessions. Perhaps Ken forgot about that….