The Spotnicks, Håkan Brinck

Bjuv, SWE


  1. Peter Gunn theme / Papa Oom Mow Mow
  2. Jessica
  3. Introductions / –
  4. Hey good looking
  5. Johnny guitar
  6. Liza Jane
  7. Pick a bale of cotton
  8. Hot toddy
  9. Diamonds
  10. Summertime blues
  11. Midnight special
  12. Just listen to my heart
  13. Pony express (with drum solo)
  14. Spanish gypsy dance
  15. – (PA dies!)
  16. Last date
  17. Blue blue day
  18. Amapola
  19. Ghost riders in the sky

*Nice gig at Bjuvsfestivalen, but man-o-man what a weird “Deliverance”-kind of hick town.


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