Kleerup, The Secret Projects Of Ms Worl

Helsingborg, SWE

The Tivoli

  1. Hero
  2. Until we bleed
  3. Thank you for nothing
  4. 3AM
  5. – (Ain’t no stopping until we make it)
  6. Longing for lullabies (feat. Titiyo)
  7. With every heartbeat (feat. Robyns vocals prerecorded)
  8. – (Shout out louds-cover)
  9. Hey boy (Teddybears STHM-cover)
  10. I just want to make that sad boy smile

*Not very good gig, Kleerup was drunk as a skunk and the overall feeling was that of a high school-drunken-party. Not a gig. Great music though.

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