Dio, Fatal Smile

Malmö, SWE


Fatal Smile:

  1. S.O.B
  2. Neo natural freaks
  3. Out of my head
  4. Run for your life
  5. Common people
  6. Straight to hell
  7. Learn, love, hate
  8. Stranger


  1. Holy diver
  2. Killing the dragon
  3. The eyes
  4. Don’t talk to strangers / Simon Wright – drum solo
  5. Sacred heart
  6. Rainbow in the dark
  7. Temple of the king (partial)
  8. Kill the king / Craig Goldy – guitar solo
  9. Lord of the last day
  10. Rock’n’roll children
  11. Stand up and shout
  12. Man on the silver mountain
  13. Catch the rainbow (partial)
  14. Long live rock’n’roll
  15. The last in line
  16. We rock

*This was to be the last solo-concert I saw with Dio, and his last-but-four sologig ever.

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