Ace Frehley, Tigertailz

London, UK


  1. Rip it out
  2. Hard times
  3. Parasite
  4. Snow blind (with I want you-ending)
  5. Rock soldiers
  6. Breakout
  7. Into the void
  8. Strange ways
  9. Medley: Torpedo girl / Speedin’ back to my baby / Five card stud / Trouble walkin’
  10. Stranger in a strange land
  11. New York groove
  12. 2000 man
  13. Shock me / Ace solo
  14. Rocket ride
  15. Deuce
  16. Love her all I can
  17. Love gun
  18. Cold gin (with Black diamond-ending)

*Ace is back and he told you so! A gig I’d been waiting since 1988 to hear and see, and the last minute-addition of Stranger In A Strange Land together with Ace’s actual performance made this one of the most memorable gigs I’ve seen. Rip it out has to be one of the best opening songs by any band, ever!

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