Alice Cooper, Uriah Heep

Köpenhamn, DK

Ballerup Super Arena

Uriah Heep:

  1. Overload
  2. Cry freedom
  3. Tears of the world
  4. Between two worlds
  5. Sunrise
  6. Gypsy
  7. Look at yourself
  8. July morning
  9. Easy livin’
  10. Lady in black

Alice Cooper:

  1. It’s hot tonight
  2. No more mr. nice guy
  3. Under my wheels
  4. I’m eighteen
  5. Is it my body
  6. Woman of mass distraction
  7. Lost in America
  8. Feed my Frankenstein
  9. Be my lover
  10. Dirty diamonds
  11. Muscle of love
  12. Desperado
  13. Halo of flies / Eric Singer – drum solo
  14. Welcome to my nightmare
  15. Only women bleed
  16. Steven
  17. Dead babies
  18. Ballad of Dwight Frye
  19. Devil’s food (instrumental)
  20. Killer (ending section)
  21. I love the dead (ending section)
  22. School’s out
  23. Poison
  24. Elected

*Alice was sick and cut 3 songs from the set in both Lund and Köpenhamn. One of the VERY few gigs played since 1980 without Billion $ babies!

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