King Diamond, Secret Sphere, Loch Vostok

Köpenhamn, DK

Amager Bio

  1. Funeral
  2. Arrival
  3. A mansion in darkness
  4. The family ghost
  5. The black horsemen
  6. Spare this life
  7. Mansion in darkness
  8. Sorry dear
  9. Come to the sabbath
  10. Eye of the witch / drum solo
  11. Sleepless nights
  12. Blood to walk
  13. So sad
  14. Living dead (outro)
  15. Welcome home
  16. The invisible guests
  17. Halloween
  18. Evil

soundcheck (without King) :

  1. Funeral (tapetest), Eye of the witch (tapetest),
  2. Eye of the witch (full band version)
  3. A mansion in darkness (partial)
  4. The black horsemen (acoustic intro)
  5. Arrival

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