Nightwish, Lordi

Malmö, SWE

Baltiska Hallen


  1. Theatrical trailer
  2. Get heavy
  3. My heaven is your hell
  4. Blood Red sandman
  5. Devil is a loser
  6. The children of the night
  7. Pet the destroyer
  8. Biomechanic man
  9. Would you love a monsterman



  1. Intro / Dark chest of wonders
  2. Planet hell
  3. Deep silent complete
  4. The phantom of the opera
  5. Dead to the world
  6. Nemo
  7. Sleeping sun
  8. Symphony of destruction
  9. Bless the child
  10. Ever dream
  11. Higher than hope
  12. Wishmaster
  13. Ghost love score
  14. Dead boys’ poem
  15. Slaying the dreamer
  16. I wish I had an angel

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