Göteborg, SWE


  1. Tribe
  2. Sign of the times
  3. Hit the black
  4. NM 156
  5. Screaming in digital
  6. Open
  7. Jet city woman
  8. The thin line
  9. Empire
  10. Anybody listening?
  11. Operation: Mindcrime
  12. Speak
  13. The needle lies
  14. Breaking the silence
  15. I don’t believe in love
  16. Eyes of a stranger
  17. Best I can
  18. Take hold of the flame

*Soundcheck : The thin line (twice) / Anybody listening (twice with false start). Anybody listening was requested by a friend and the meet & greet after the Malmö-gig, and the band added it during the soundcheck in Gothenburg.

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