Blackmore’s Night, West Of Eden

Malmö, SWE


  1. Intro / Shadow of the moon
  2. Violin intro / Morning star
  3. Play minstrel play
  4. Avalon
  5. Minstrel hall
  6. Under a violet moon
  7. The times they are a’ changing
  8. Soldier of fortune
  9. Durch den wald zum bach haus
  10. Fires at midnight
  11. Midwinter’s night
  12. Home again
  13. Past time with good company
  14. Catherine Howard’s fate
  15. Adagio from Concierto de Aranjuez
  16. Renaissance faire
  17. The clock ticks on
  18. Piano intro / The writing on the wall
  19. I still remember
  20. All because of you
  21. Now and then

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