1. Ulrika / Papi Raul sketchintro
  2. Wyclef Jean: Intro rap
  3. U2: Beautiful day
  4. All Saints: Pure shores
  5. Madonna: Music
  6. Spice Girls: Holler
  7. Robbie Williams / Kylie Minogue: Kids
  8. Moby: Porcelain
  9. Jennifer Lopez: Love don’t cost a thing
  10. Ronan Keating: Rollercoaster
  11. Sketch med Wyclef Jean / The Muppet’s Swedish Chef
  12. Guano Apes: ??
  13. Backstreet boys: Shape of my heart
  14. Bomfunk MC’s: Freestyler
  15. Ricky Martin: She bangs

*The most expensive ticket I have ever bought, and I bought it to see Madonna and the Spice Girls do one song each. This would turn out to be the Spice Girls’ last performance until their reunion in 2007. It was Madonna’s first ever performance in Stockholm, and second ever in Sweden.

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