Melanie C

Köpenhamn, DK

Den Grå Hal

  1. Something’s gonna happen
  2. Independence day
  3. Northern star
  4. Be the one
  5. Gaga
  6. Suddenly monday
  7. I turn to you
  8. Feel the sun
  9. If that were me
  10. Goin’ down
  11. Wannabe
  12. I wonder what it would be like
  13. Go!
  14. Closer (acoustic)
  15. Goin’ down (acoustic)

*Mel C only played a handful of gigs in 99 as teasers for the upcoming album and real tour. She played one song that didn’t make it onto the album. The gig was aired on radio and there was an abundance of mediacoverage from both Sweden and Denmark.

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