Fish, John Wesley

Köpenhamn, DK


John Wesley:

  1. Waiting for the sun to shine
  2. The days that won’t let go
  3. 13 days
  4. The last man by your side


  1. Faith healer
  2. Lucky
  3. Just good friends
  4. Brother 52
  5. Goldfish & clowns
  6. Hotel hobbies
  7. Warm wet circles
  8. That time of the night (The short straw)
  9. Tumbledown
  10. Plague of ghosts
  11. Cliché
  12. The perception of Johnny Punter
  13. Incomplete
  14. Sunsets on empire
  15. The company

*Incomplete was only played at a couple of gigs, and in Denmark Fish added it since it actually was a small independent hit there!

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