Dream Theater, Vanden Plas

Köpenhamn, DK


  1. Lines in the sand
  2. Burning my soul
  3. Voices
  4. Under a glass moon
  5. Hollow years (electric version)
  6. A crack in the mirror
  7. Puppies on acid
  8. A.C.O.S. II – Innocence
  9. Just let me breathe
  10. Peruvian skies
  11. Pull me under
  12. Scarred
  13. A.C.O.S. IV – The darkest of winters
  14. The ytse jam (w/ drum solo)
  15. New millennium
  16. A.C.O.S VII – The crimson sunset (w/ A fortune in lies and Lie teasers)
  17. Metropolis p. I – the Miracle & the Sleeper (feat. Moby Dick / One )

*Someone in the audience threw a beer at James LaBrie during Metropolis which of course made him furious.

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