Let’s Party (Lili & Susie + more)

Helsingborg, SWE

The Tivoli

I natt e hela stan vår / Jag vill inte va som alla andra / En kväll i tunnelbanan (Noice)

R.O.C.K., Let’s party, Don’t steal my heart away, Wheels of rock’n’roll (Sha-Boom)

Rock the night (Europe)

Fox on the run (Sweet)

Here I go again (Whitesnake)

Cum on feel the noize (Slade)

Oh mama, What’s the color of love (Lili & Susie)

*Let’s Party consisted of Ian Haugland & Mic Michaeli from Europe, Peo Thyrén & Dag Finn from Sha-Boom and at various gigs Lili & Susie as guests (in Helsingborg among others!) . The setlist is in no order at all but has been confirmed by Peo to be correct songwise.

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