Black Sabbath, Tiamat

Lund, SWE



  1. Whatever that hurts
  2. Do you dream of me?
  3. Set the controls for the heart of the sun
  4. The sleeping beauty
  5. A pocket size sun
  6. Visionaire
  7. Gaia

Black Sabbath:

  1. Intro: Ave satani / The gates of hell
  2. Children of the grave
  3. Neon knights
  4. The shining
  5. The wizard
  6. Kiss of death
  7. Headless cross
  8. Rusty angels
  9. When death calls
  10. Sabbath bloody sabbath
  11. Can’t get close enough to you
  12. War pigs
  13. The mob rules
  14. Black sabbath
  15. Heaven and hell
  16. Iron man
  17. Paranoid

*Cozy Powell had been replaced with Bobby Rondinelli at this point.

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