Uriah Heep:

  1. Devil’s daughter
  2. Stealin’
  3. Bad bad man
  4. Words in a distance
  5. The wizard
  6. Circle of hands
  7. Gypsy
  8. Easy livin´
  9. Lady in black

Deep Purple:

  1. Highway star
  2. Ramshackle man
  3. Maybe I’m a leo
  4. Fireball
  5. Perfect strangers
  6. Pictures of home
  7. Knocking at your backdoor
  8. Anyone’s daughter
  9. Child in time
  10. Anya
  11. The battle rages on
  12. When a blind man cries
  13. Lazy
  14. Satch boogie
  15. Space truckin’
  16. Woman from Tokyo
  17. Paint it black
  18. Speed king
  19. Smoke on the water

*Joe Satriani on guitar, some (then) rare gems in the set and overall a GREAT gig. Have no idea what Stefan Andersson played apart from the hit at the time (Some put the trust in the east….).

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