Helsingborg, SWE


  1. Kom loss
  2. Kom och ta mig
  3. Mitt hjärta slår samma slag
  4. Vill inte dansa mer
  5. Om du vill bli en (min?) vän
  6. -band introductions-
  7. Är det sant
  8. -instrumental dance number-
  9. Gimme some lovin’
  10. Turn turn turn
  11. Every song you sing
  12. Ingenting som hindrar mig
  13. Du gav mitt liv en mening
  14. Mirror mirror upon the wall (thanks Michael Logmans)
  15. Diggiloo diggiley

*Setlist updated december 2014 with help from private film from Ljusdal 9/6 1984. I think this is as complete a setlist as I will ever find. Songs taken from video, personal memory, contemporary reviews and help from Michael Logmans. “Om du vill bli en vän” is the swedish version of “So much more” from the Crazy people-album and is unreleased.

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