Köpenhamn, DK

Amager Bio

Set 1:

  1. Big wedge
  2. Moving targets
  3. Goldfish & clowns
  4. Numbers
  5. The pilgrim’s adress
  6. Innocent party
  7. Long cold day
  8. Credo


Set 2:

  1. Intro: La gazza ladra
  2. Pseudo silk kimono
  3. Kayleigh
  4. Lavender
  5. Bitter suite i) Brief encounter / ii) Lost weekend / iii) Blue angel / iv) Misplaced rendezvous / v) Windswept thumb
  6. Heart of Lothian i) Wide boy / ii) Curtain call
  7. Waterhole (Express bongo)
  8. Lords of the backstage
  9. Blind curve i) Vocal under a bloodlight / ii) Passing strangers / iii) Mylo / iv) Perimeter walk / v) Threshold
  10. Childhoods end?
  11. White feather
  12. Fugazi

*Return to childhood-tour, hearing Mylo and Childhood’s end? were pinnacles in life for me.


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