Friday 8/6

Adrenaline Mob:

  1. Psychosane
  2. Feelin’ me
  3. Indifferent
  4. Down to the floor
  5. Angel sky
  6. Freight train
  7. Believe me
  8. All on the line
  9. Hit the wall
  10. Undaunted
  11. The mob rules

*First gig in Europe! Very nice gig and very humble performers.


Axel Rudi Pell:

  1. Intro: The guilloutine suite
  2. Ghost in the black
  3. Strong as a rock
  4. Before I die
  5. The masquerade ball / Casbah / Dreaming dead (incl. Whole lotta love) / drum solo
  6. Mystica (incl. Mistreated)
  7. Circle of the oath
  8. Tear down the walls
  9. Nasty reputation
  10. Rock the nation

* Two covers and a drumsolo. I did not watch this actively but was still bored.



  1. Jordrök
  2. Sorgmantel
  3. Snårdom
  4. Sista somrar

* One of my top priorities this year, they were amazing but the gig was marred by the sound from the Rock Stage where Michael Schenker killed off some old Scorpions-songs. Too bad, but Änglagård were amazing anyway.


Saturday 9/6


  1. Demolition boys
  2. C’mon let’s go
  3. Not for sale
  4. Hit and run
  5. The hunter
  6. I spy
  7. Never say never
  8. Everything’s the same
  9. Screaming blue murder
  10. Future flash
  11. Kick it down
  12. Watch your sleep
  13. Take it all away
  14. Yeah right
  15. Race with the devil
  16. Emergency
  17. Tush

*What a nice way to start a nice day. Lovely gig!



  1. Change the attitude
  2. Having fun
  3. United in a scream
  4. Steal your heart away
  5. Take this heart
  6. Tonight
  7. Friends will be friends
  8. The loner
  9. Little miss easy
  10. Sing me a song
  11. Life must go on
  12. Russian roulette
  13. Ridin’ on a rainbow
  14. To the top
  15. Can you forgive me
  16. Bye bye Johnny



  1. Faith healer
  2. Credo
  3. Assassing
  4. Long cold day
  5. Innocent party
  6. Vigil
  7. So Fellini
  8. Openwater
  9. Fugazi

*One of this years most wished for artists and the gig was great! Too short, naturally, I always want him to play for two hours, but I loved it.


Bad Company:

  1. Can’t get enough
  2. Honey child
  3. Run with the pack
  4. Burnin’ sky
  5. Youngblood
  6. Seagull
  7. Gone, gone, gone
  8. Electric land
  9. Simple man
  10. Feel like makin’ love
  11. Shooting star
  12. Rock and roll fantasy
  13. Movin’ on
  14. Deal with the preacher
  15. Good lovin’ gone bad
  16. Bad company
  17. Ready for love

* Great gig in all aspects.



  1. The wild life
  2. Take me away
  3. Burnin’ bridges
  4. Spend my life
  5. Mad about you (incl. I just wanna make love to you)
  6. Eye to eye (incl. Heaven & hell)
  7. Living inside
  8. Real love
  9. Fly to the angels
  10. Up all night

* It was nice to see 2 of the 4 members of Vinnie Vincent Invasion but the gig was waaaaay too short, clocking in at 64 minutes. It was the band’s first ever gig in Sweden and I think they should have made it a little more special.


Symphony X:

  1. Iconoclast
  2. The end of innocence
  3. Dehumanized
  4. Electric Messiah
  5. Children of a faceless god
  6. When all is lost
  7. Inferno (unleash the fire)
  8. Of sins and shadows
  9. Sea of lies
  10. Eve of seduction
  11. Serpent’s kiss
  12. Set the world on fire (the lie of lies)

*Since Slaughter only played for an hour I caught the last 30 minutes or so of SX’s set. Last four songs I think. Excellent as always.


Lynyrd Skynyrd:

  1. Workin’ for MCA
  2. I ain’t the one
  3. Skynyrd nation
  4. What’s your name
  5. Down south jukin’
  6. That smell
  7. Saturday night special
  8. Simple man
  9. Gimme back my bullets
  10. Whiskey rock-a-roller
  11. The needle and the spoon
  12. Tuesday’s gone
  13. Gimme three steps
  14. Call me the breeze
  15. Sweet home Alabama
  16. Free bird

* I had no expectations at all but wound up actually liking the gig. Tuesday’s gone was a nice surprise which I loved to hear.


King Diamond:

  1. The candle
  2. Welcome home / Matt Thompson – drum solo
  3. Voodoo
  4. At the graves
  5. Up from the grave
  6. Let it be done (tape)
  7. Dreams
  8. Sleepless nights
  9. -instrumental-
  10. Shapes of black
  11. Come to the sabbath (feat. Hank Shermann & Michael Poulsen)
  12. Eye of the witch
  13. The family ghost
  14. Halloween (feat. Mikkey Dee and Michael Denner)
  15. Black horsemen

* The comeback gig to end all gigs. Words escape me.


Mötley Crüe:

  1. Wild side
  2. Live wire
  3. Too fast for love
  4. Saints of Los Angeles
  5. Shout at the devil ’97
  6. Don’t go away mad (just go away)
  7. Same ol’ situation (S.O.S.)
  8. Looks that kill
  9. Piece of your action
  10. Primal scream
  11. Smokin’ in the boys room / Tommy Lee – drum solo
  12. Dr. Feelgood
  13. Girls girls girls
  14. Home sweet home
  15. Kickstart my heart

* They didn’t sound too good but the audience seemed to like it. I liked Piece of your action.


Adrenaline Mob




Bad Company


Symphony X

Lynyrd Skynyrd

King Diamond

King Diamond (w/ non-intentional effect!)

King Diamond (w/ Mikkey Dee & Michael Denner)

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