Sweden Rock Festival (Friday)

Norje, SWE

Sweden Rock Festival Site

Burning Witches:

  1. Intro / Executed
  2. Metal demons
  3. We eat your children
  4. Hexenhammer
  5. Bloody rose
  6. Black widow
  7. Open your mind
  8. Jawbreaker
  9. Holy diver
  10. Burning witches

Rockklassiker Allstars:

  1. Rock you like a hurricane (Nina Söderquist)
  2. Pet sematary (Nicke Borg + Blomquist from Backyard Babies)
  3. Ring of fire (Nicke & Nina)
  4. Medley: Still of the night / I love it loud / Enter sandman / Thunderstruck / Jump (Nina + Robban Bäck)
  5. Kickstart my heart (Gabriel from Crashdiet)
  6. Total eclipse of the heart (Nina)
  7. Living on a prayer (Robban Bäck)
  8. Man on the edge (Blaze Bayley)
  9. The trooper (Blaze Bayley)
  10. Run to the hills (Blaze Bayley)

Blue Coupe with Ryan Roxie:

  1. Be my lover
  2. I’m eighteen
  3. Godzilla
  4. Don’t fear the reaper

*Special acoustic gig at the Metal Casino tent in the VIP area.


  1. Detroit rock city
  2. Shout it out loud
  3. Deuce
  4. Say yeah
  5. I love it loud
  6. Heaven’s on fire
  7. War machine
  8. Lick it up
  9. Calling dr. Love
  10. 100,000 years / Eric solo
  11. Cold gin / Tommy solo
  12. Gene solo / God of thunder
  13. Psycho circus
  14. Let me go, rock’n roll
  15. Love gun
  16. I was made for lovin’ you
  17. Black diamond
  18. Beth
  19. Crazy, crazy nights
  20. Rock and roll all nite

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