Marillion (Weekend day 3)

Port Zelande, NL


Swap the band:

  1. Gazpacho (Trewavas out)
  2. Splintering heart (Rothery out)
  3. Power (Mosley out)
  4. Assassing (h out, Martin Jakubski on vocals!)
  5. Garden party (Kelly out)

Concert – The singles:

  1. Market square heroes
  2. Garden party
  3. Kayleigh
  4. Lavender
  5. Heart of Lothian
    i) Wide boy
    ii) Curtain call
  6. Warm wet circles
  7. Sugar mice
  8. Incommunicado
  9. Hooks in you
  10. The uninvited guest
  11. No one can
  12. Dry land
  13. Sympathy
  14. The great escape (spiral remake)
  15. Alone again in the lap of luxury
  16. Beautiful
  17. Man of 1,000 faces
  18. 80 days
  19. These chains
  20. See it like a baby
  21. Thank you whoever you are
  22. Whatever is wrong with you
  23. Power
  24. Hocus pocus (Focus)

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