Marillion (weekend day 3)

Port Zelande, NL


Sunday – Secret Sunday


Swap the band:

  1. Splintering heart (Rothery out)
  2. Beautiful (Kelly out)
  3. The party (Hogarth out, 2 replacements, female vocalist)
  4. You’re gone (full band + spanish violinist)
  5. Map of the world (Mosley out)
  6. The other half (Trewavas out)

*Nice afternoon-thingy. Everyone played good, best songs were Splintering heart (I love that song and the guitarist was very good) and You’re gone (the violin really added to the song!).



  1. Gaza
  2. Waiting to happen
  3. Lucky man
  4. This strange engine
  5. Pour my love
  6. Neverland
  7. Invisible ink
  8. Montreal
  9. Power
  10. Sounds that can’t be made
  11. King of sunset town
  12. The sky above the rain
  13. Garden party

*We got the full Sounds that can’t be made-album on sunday, very nice. Two of the songs had not been performed before (Invisible ink and Montreal), Gaza was a VERY dramatic opening song and I finally got to hear Waiting to happen live! Cool encores too, first we got King of sunset town which is always a favourite, and then going out with Garden party which nearly lifted the roof! H’s voice had started to give just a little at this night, but who can blame him after singing note perfect the previous two nights. It wasn’t bad, he just sounded a bit tired at some points. A great closing gig to end a fantastic weekend.

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