Marillion (weekend day 1)

Port Zelande, NL


Friday – Radiation

Set 1:

  1. Costa del slough
  2. Under the sun
  3. The answering machine
  4. Three minute boy
  5. Now she’ll never know
  6. These chains
  7. Born to run
  8. Cathedral wall
  9. A few words for the dead

Set 2:

  1. 80 days
  2. Genie
  3. Somewhere else
  4. Hooks in you
  5. Cover my eyes (pain and heaven)
  6. Slainte mhath
  7. Lavender
  8. Heart of Lothian
    i) Wide boy
    ii) Curtain call
  9. King
  10. Script for a jester’s tear
  11. Happiness is the road

*Awesome gig. Radiation sounded much better than I expected, Three minute boy was much more concentrated than in Copenhagen last year and Now she’ll never know was beautiful even though the fucking talkers couldn’t shut up. Stay home next time you sad wankers! And then, set 2. It was nice to hear Somewhere else again, it’s a real gem. Genie was good too. And all of a sudden three vintage songs in a row, and the set concluded with King. I could not have prepared for what happened next – my alltime favourite song by any band, Script for a jesters tear. I was in trance for the rest of the evening. The best ten minutes of my life, as far as concerts are concerned.

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