Marillion, Pete Trewavas (weekend day 2)

Port Zelande, NL


Saturday – Brave


Pete Trewavas

  1. One of those days
  2. Middlesborough
  3. Time
  4. Spring, summer or eastertime
  5. Didn’t she just say
  6. Spiralling (Edison’s children, feat. Eric Blackwood)
  7. A million miles away (Edison’s children, feat. Eric Blackwood)

*Pete played an assortment of songs he never recorded or “did anything with”. Eric B joined for two EC-songs, nice.


Set 1:

  1. Bridge
  2. Living with the big lie
  3. Runaway
  4. Goodbye to all that
  5. Hard as love
  6. The hollow man
  7. Alone again in the lap of luxury
  8. Paper lies
  9. Brave
  10. The great escape
  11. Made again


Set 2:

  1. Rich
  2. The damage
  3. Trap the spark
  4. Warm wet circles
  5. That time of the night
  6. Drilling holes
  7. Out of this world
  8. Season’s end
  9. The space…

*Brave has always been one of my fav albums and to finally see all of it in one go was awesome! The show itself was great with lasers, projections and the titletrack sung by candlelight. A couple of technical glitches but nothing that detracted from the experience. Set two kicked of with a happy Rich, that was not what I expected! And FINALLY we got Trap the spark live for the first time ever, and I got to hear WWC/TTOTN which I had only heard Fish sing before. The encores were smashing too, Season’s end was very dramatic and The space left noone untouched. All in all a better full concert than the previous day, but individual songwise nothing even comes close to Script of course.


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