The Ark

Malmö, SWE

Malmöfestivalen (Stortorget)

  1. Absolutely no decorum
  2. Clamour for glamour
  3. Breaking up with god
  4. Father to a son
  5. Superstar
  6. Tell me this night is over
  7. Prayer for the weekend
  8. Let your body decide
  9. It takes a fool to remain sane
  10. The apocalypse is over
  11. One of us is gonna die young (incl. Forever young)
  12. The worrying kind
  13. Echo chamber
  14. Calleth you cometh I

*The band’s last gig in Malmö, and a pretty good one. The festivalcrowd is always a bunch of inbred hicks but I enjoyed myself nonetheless. Too bad this first gig for me will also be my last. I also the second caught half of Maskinens gig. I was not impressed.

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