Big 4

Göteborg, SWE


  1. Caught in a mosh
  2. Madhouse
  3. Anti-social
  4. Indians
  5. Fight ’em til you can’t
  6. Only
  7. Refuse/resist (instrumental excerpt)
  8. I am the law
* Andreas Kisser replaced Scott Ian. Great gig but too short (and very poor sound).
  1. Trust
  2. In my darkest hour
  3. Hangar 18
  4. Wake up dead
  5. Head crusher
  6. Symphony of destruction
  7. Peace sells
  8. Holy wars…the punishment due
  9. Outro: Silent scorn
* Unfortunately a pretty poor gig. Dave seemed very irritated, the setlist was god awful and the sound was beyond poor. The only bad performance of the night, even though I really do like them normally.
  1. Intro / Disciples
  2. War ensemble
  3. Postmortem
  4. Hate worldwide
  5. Mandatory suicide
  6. Chemical warfare
  7. Snuff
  8. South of heaven
  9. Raining blood
  10. Black magic
  11. Angel of death
* Slayer were very very good. Gary Holt (Exodus) replaced Jeff H and did a smashing job, a really great gig.
  1. Intro: The ecstasy of gold
  2. Hit the lights
  3. Master of puppets
  4. The shortest straw
  5. Seek & destroy
  6. Welcome home (sanitarium)
  7. Ride the lightning
  8. The memory remains
  9. All nightmare long
  10. Sad but true
  11. The call of ktulu
  12. One
  13. For whom the bell tolls
  14. Blackened
  15. Fade to black
  16. Enter sandman
  17. Am I evil (feat. members from all bands)
  18. Damage, Inc.
  19. Creeping death
* Fucking brilliant gig. No less. Perfect setlist too.






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