Doro, Bai Bang

Malmö, SWE


  1. Earthshaker rock
  2. I rule the ruins 
  3. East meets west
  4. Running from the devil
  5. Night of the warlock
  6. Burning the witches
  7. We are the metalheads
  8. Egypt (the chains are on)
  9. Für immer
  10. Metal racer
  11. True as steel
  12. Haunted heart (incl. drum solo)
  13. All we are
  14. Burn it up
  15. Unholy love
  16. Love me in black

* Finally I got to see Doro after 24 years of waiting and longing! It was a great gig, even the Dio-cover actually had it’s place in the set preceded by a beautiful speech by Doro. I loved every second of the gig, and the three encores after All we are were audiencerequests. Cool. I accidentally saw a couple of songs with Bai Bang too. So sorry. It won’t happen again.

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