Accept (Steelwing, Grand Magus)

Göteborg, SWE


  1. Teutonic terror
  2. Bucket full of hate
  3. Starlight
  4. Love child
  5. Breaker
  6. New world comin’
  7. Restless and wild
  8. Son of a bitch
  9. Midnight mover
  10. Metal heart
  11. Neon nights
  12. Bulletproof
  13. Losers and winners
  14. The abyss
  15. Aiming high
  16. Princess of the dawn
  17. Up to the limit
  18. Burning
  19. Fast as a shark
  20. Pandemic
  21. Balls to the wall

*Accept were so good it’s bloody ridiculous! The setlist was great, the band was on fire and everyone was all smiles. I arrived just in time to see the second support act end their set – I HATE support acts, and the thought of having to suffer through two of them just makes me want to vomit. Accept then arrived and just blew us all away! BRILLIANT!!

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