Robyn, Rebecca & Fiona

Malmö, SWE


  1. Intro / Fembot
  2. Cry when you get older
  3. Cobrastyle
  4. Dancing on my own
  5. We dance to the beat (incl. Don’t fucking tell me what to do)
  6. Love kills
  7. The girl & the robot
  8. Indestructible
  9. Dream on
  10. With every heartbeat
  11. U should know better
  12. Konichiwa bitches
  13. Dancehall queen
  14. Be mine
  15. Hang with me
  16. Show me love (with Dancing queen-opening)


*Fucking brilliant show, as always. In my eyes was on the setlist but wasn’t played unfortunately. Dancing, Girl/Robot and Be mine were so good it’s scary!!! DJ’s Rebecca & Fiona opened the gig and were great, their first song (an original) was awesome…still don’t know it’s name though. Pisspoor venue unfortunately, the sound was very bad and boomy and and it did not suit this kind of music at all. Ah well, I’m so happy that a very good concert-year ended on such a high note!

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