Wagner: Das Rheingold

New York, NY

Metropolitan Opera

Stageproduction: Robert Lepage

Conductor: James Levine


  • Rhinemaidens: Lisette Oropesa, Jennifer Johnson and Tamara Mumford
  • Alberich: Eric Owens
  • Wotan: Bryn Terfel
  • Fricka: Stephanie Blythe
  • Freia: Wendy Bryn Harmer
  • Loge: Richard Croft
  • Fasolt: Franz-Josef Selig
  • Fafner: Hans-Peter König
  • Mime: Gerhard Siegel
  • Erda: Patricia Bardon

*I finally got to visit the Metropolitan Opera House where mr. Mapleson did those wonderful cylinderrecordings during the first years of the 1900’s. Wagners Ringcycle has been totally restaged productionwise, it’s a truly mindblowing experience even though I can guess that more experienced “old school”-operahounds frowns at the production. For me it was nothing short of astounding. I’m pretty sure the prelude is one of the finest compositions ever made, and during the finale where the gods walk towards Valhalla on a rainbow I was almost in tears.

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