Forever Young 2010

Helsingborg, SWE


Jakob Hellman:

  1. Du är allt jag vill ha
  2. Tåg
  3. Vackert väder
  4. Sköra värld
  5. Vintern dör
  6. Visa mig
  7. Hon har ett sätt
  8. Som jag vill
  9. Tårarna
  10. Glada dagar
  11. Stora havet
  12. Vara vänner
  13. Avundsjuk på dig



  1. Passing strangers
  2. Reap the wild wind
  3. Hymn
  4. Sleepwalk
  5. One small day
  6. All stood still
  7. Mr. X
  8. Vienna
  9. Dancing with tears in my eyes
  10. Love’s great adventure
  11. The voice



  1. Dance with me
  2. Monkey in the moon
  3. A victory of love
  4. Sounds like a melody
  5. Summer in Berlin
  6. Carry your flag
  7. Big in Japan
  8. Jet set
  9. Forever young
  10. Apollo


*Great evening in spite of the ever falling rain. The arrangement was impeccable, all attendees even got a raincoat for free at the entrance (You hear that SONISFUCK?). I had waited 11 years to get to see Jakob Hellman and BOY did he deliver! He played all of his classic album “…och stora havet” and added a single b-side to the set aswell. Ultravox were great too, they did a shortened version of the headlineset I saw in Copenhagen, but they sounded good (again) and everyone seemed very into it. (Mr. X was great!) I saw a couple of songs by Lustans Lakejer and Reeperbahn, neither of which impressed me much. Alphaville were good too, they’ve gotten pisspoor reviews everywhere so I had lowered my expectations to an absolute zero, but I left with a smile and I’m very happy to have attended and in a way relived one of the most important albums of my childhood. All in all a very good evening.

Jakob again


More Ultravox

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