Siw Malmkvist med Domnivet

Landskrona, SWE

Stadshuskajen @ Landskronakarnevalen

  1. –  (Endera dan ska du få se på annat?)
  2. Can anyone explain
  3. Don’t get around much anymore
  4. Mamma e lik sin mamma
  5. Flickor bak i bilen
  6. Augustin
  7. Amore scusami
  8. Rock around the clock (impromptu, Siw didn’t sing much)

*Brilliant if strange gig, this was the first set with Siw which was preceded by some songs performed with another vocalist. Nothing seemed very rehearsed, and the version of Amore scusami sounded…eh….funny. On the other hand, the versions of Mamma, Flickor and the GREAT Augustin rocked like bleeding hell! At 70+ Siw still knows how to jazz it up!

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