A new era begins…

Ah, the days of my old homepage is long gone, but I´ve been looking for a way to get the shows and setlists from the gigs I´ve seen online again. Indulging myself in shameless selfpromotion has always been a guiding star and finally I got the opportunity to let the world take part of my concert history once more.

I hope this page will be of referential interest to some, maybe it´ll help someone out, maybe not. I´ve just started working on it so bear with me until it´s finished. It´ll take some time, I´m sure, but we´ll get there.

This wouldn´t have happened at all were it not for mr. Blunder, I thank you. And thanks to Andy at Spinechained (www.andyflash.se/spinechained.htm)  for keeping the nightlight burning with his great page.

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