Alice Cooper, Electric Boys, Roxie 77

Göteborg, SWE


Electric Boys:

  1. Psychedelic eyes
  2. Groovus maximus
  3. Knee deep in you
  4. Mary in the mystery world
  5. Electrified
  6. Rags ro riches
  7. Captain of my soul
  8. All lips and hips


Alice Cooper:

  1. School’s out
  2. Department of youth
  3. I’m eighteen
  4. Wicked young man
  5. Ballad of Dwight Fry
  6. Go to hell
  7. Guilty
  8. Welcome to my nightmare
  9. Cold Ethyl
  10. Poison
  11. The awakening
  12. From the inside
  13. Nurse Rozetta
  14. Is it my body?
  15. Be my lover
  16. Only women bleed
  17. I never cry
  18. Black widow (instrumental)
  19. Vengeance is mine
  20. Devil’s food
  21. Dirty diamonds
  22. Billion $ babies
  23. Killer
  24. I love the dead (ending section)
  25. No more mr. nice guy
  26. Under my wheels
  27. School’s out (feat. Ryan Roxie)

*The setlist was ok but Alice seemed tired at this gig. Still, the show itself is probably the best one I’ve seen him do to date!


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