Ace Frehley, 16 Second Stare

Malmö, SWE


  1. Rocket ride
  2. Parasite
  3. Snowblind
  4. Sister
  5. Outer space
  6. Speedin’ back to my baby
  7. Rock soldiers
  8. Love her all I can
  9. 2000 man (preceded by snippets of Satisfaction and The last time)
  10. Fox on the run
  11. New York groove
  12. Foxy & free
  13. Shock me / Ace – solo
  14. Shout it out loud
  15. Deuce
  16. Rip it out
  17. Love gun
  18. Cold gin (w/ Black diamond-ending)

*Not as good as London but still very nice. Soundcheck included Snowblind/Sister/Fox on the run. Ace was in a very good mood and his playing was well above his usual standard! I attended the M&G before the gig, we were told we could get one autograph per person + one pic but he signed everything, he even asked some of us “is that all?”. When Ace is in a good mood he’s a great guy. Kinda like the rest of the world.

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