Robyn, Band Of Horses

Göteborg, SWE


Band Of Horses:

  1. The first song
  2. The great salt lake
  3. Is there a ghost?
  4. Weed party
  5. Islands on the coast
  6. Cigarettes, wedding bands
  7. Factory
  8. Marry song
  9. No one’s gonna love you
  10. The funeral
  11. Wicked Gil
  12. Ode to LRC
  13. The General Specific



  1. Cobrastyle
  2. Crash and burn girl
  3. Who’s that girl
  4. Handle me
  5. Bum like you
  6. Medley: Buffalo stance/Push it/Sexual eruption
  7. Konichiwa bitches
  8. Manchild (feat. Mapei)
  9. Keep this fire burning
  10. Dream on
  11. I want to break free (feat. Lykke Li)
  12. Be mine
  13. The girl and the robot (feat. Röyksopp)
  14. With every heartbeat
  15. No coke (feat. Dr Alban)
  16. Show me love
  17. Jack U off

*Way Out West-festival.

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