Köpenhamn, DK


  1. Intro / Candy shop
  2. Beat goes on
  3. Human nature
  4. Vogue
  5. Die another day (interlude)
  6. Into the groove
  7. Holiday
  8. Dress you up
  9. She’s not me
  10. Music
  11. Rain (interlude)
  12. Devil wouldn’t recognize you
  13. Spanish lesson
  14. Miles away
  15. La isla bonita
  16. Doli doli / Happy birthday Rocco
  17. You must love me
  18. Get stupid (interlude)
  19. 4 minutes
  20. Like a prayer
  21. Frozen (incl. Open your heart)
  22. Ray of light
  23. Give it 2 me

*Amazing. Madonna’s first ever gig in Copenhagen! The setlist was awesome, Dress you up, Like a prayer and You must love me were the best of the evening.


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